Hair Extensions

Fusion Method is our method of choice.  We find it to be the most natural and undetectable.  Fusion is where we take about 15-20 strands of your hair and attach it to about 20 strands of extension hair.  The substance that attaches the hairs is a Keratin Protien Polymer.  Which is a fancy way of saying it's synthetic for what hair is made up of.  

    We use several different placement patterns according to your specific needs.  Hair Extensions have many uses:

  • Lengthening
  • Thickening
  • Give you a younger appearance
  • Adding Hi/Lo Lites
  • Adding Bright colors that won't fade
  • Fill in breakage
  • Aid growing hair out
  • Protect hair

Fusion method Hair Extensions last 3-6 months.  The maintanence is pretty simple.  Every 2 months you will need to come in and have some replaced.  Example, we will put in 50 pieces and take out approximately 50 pieces.  

  The cost really varies, an average full head is between 200-260 pieces.  The cost then would range between $850-$1170.   That will include the hair, putting them in, and cutting them.  Maintanence is usually 25-50 pieces which runs $130-$260.  

  When you are ready to get them, we will have you come in for a consultation.  We will then evaluate your hair and what your wanting to achieve.  We will tell you how many you will need and the exact cost.  We will then match up your hair, we usually use 2 or 3 different colors to get a good match.  Then to book the appointment you will need to provide a half down non-refundable deposit.  The day of your appointment, your hair needs to be clean and dry.  The day of installtion we will go over the care and maintanence sheet with you and then we will get started.  After they are all put in, we figure out how long you would like to leave them.  Then we cut layers into the extensions so that they blend into your hair.  Next...