Hair Stylist & Extensionist
Hair Extension Specialist since 2000!  All we can say is she LOVE's doing HAIR EXTENSIONS wether it's for thickness, a little length or a lotta length!  AND she LOVE's making people Blonde wether it's a little blonde, a lotta blonde, or all blonde!  She's happy when your happy!

Hair Stylist, Nails & Extensionist
Megan is a fresh and creative hair stylist. EXTENSIONSEXTENSIONSEXTENSIONS when you visit Megan for hair extensions you will leave feeling new and fresh!!! The best part is.... Consultations are FREE!!!! She is great at everything she does! Megan is available for on sight Wedding Parties. She is Amazing at customizing hair color and Hair cuts!

Hair Stylist & Extensionist
Jill is definately on the Cutting edge with her Killer Hairstyles.  Her coloring techniques put the Fun in "Funky" You may have seen or heard of her annual "ROCK HAIR BLOOD" Fashion shows she puts on at local venues to raise money for Cross Cultural Solutions.  She is the Kansas City Hair Stylist Icon known as Jill Sixx.

Hair Stylist & Extensionsist
Amber is Natalie's younger sister and has been by her side for her whole career.  Since 2002 she has held Hair Spray Cafe together and since 2008 she has been contributing to the great hair color and hair cuts that walk out of  Hair Spray Cafe.  Her clients keep coming back for the Awesome Hair Color she does!

Hair Stylist
Pall has been doing hair for 30 years!!!  He was an educator for 12 years.  HSC is so lucky to have him at the salon Tuesays thru Saturdays!.  All the HSC clients enjoy their chats with Pall.  He is an Amazing Stylist that loves doing Updo's and taking on any Color Challenge.  There isn't a haircut out there that he hasn't seen come back in style 2 or 3 times:-)


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